Assists Vessel In Ice Field
 The U.S. Coast guard Icebreaker Mackinaw was in whitefish bay this morning assisting the Pittsburgh vessel A. H. Ferbert through a heavy ice field.
 The Ferbert, hampered by the heavy ice, lay overnight off Ile Parisienne and resumed her downbound trip about 7 a.m. today.
 Car. Julius J. Brunk, Sault Coast Guard base commander, said this morning five ships upbound in the Lower St. Mary's River were encountering no difficulty.
 Headed for Sault Harbor are the Joshua A. Hatfield, Richard V. Lindabury, Eugene W. Uargny and Williaf A. McGonagle, all Pittsburgh Division ships and the Algoma Central vessel Agawa. According to Brunk, the Roy A.Jodrey departed upbound early today from Algoma steel Co.
 Brunk said the Coast Guard vessel Sundew was slated to arrive at the Sault base this morning from her home port at Charlevoix, and will remain here until further notice to assist in possible navigational problems in the area.
 Several Canadian vessels are ice-bound in the Georgian bay region, Brunk said, and may have to remain there several days, as the ice-breaker Alexander Henry is in Lake Superior breaking out the upper lakes ports of Port of Port Arthur and Fort William Brunk said requests for U.S. assistance in breaking out Georgian bay had been made by Canadian authorities, but present status of the requests is not known.
 The 1966 navigation season got under way here Friday when the first ship of the season, the Pittsburgh vessel Leon Fraser, locked upbound shortly before 8 a.m.
 Corps of Engineers authorities this morning said the MacArthur Lock was opened to traffic Friday with the down-bound passage of the Pittsburgh ship Arthur M. Anderson.
 Some sweeping at the western lock approach is under way, removing some debris remaining from the Poe Lock cofferdam. However, there is plenty of water to handle all traffic, they said, and the lock is in business for the season.
Tanker Freed
 ESCANABA (UPI) - The Coast guard cutter Sundew freed an icebound oil tanker from northern Lake Michigan late Monday and escorted the vessel into Escanaba.
 A coast guard spokesman said the tanker, the mercury, was waiting in hedgehog harbor 32 miles south of Escanaba, for help to arrive Monday.
 The Mercury first radioed Sunday night it might require ice-breaking assistance, the spokesman said, and then messaged for help early Monday.

Cutter Returns After Aiding Tug
 CHARLEVOIX - The Coast Guard cutter Sundew returned to port here Saturday afternoon after going to the aid of the tug, Roy L. Love, which reported Friday afternoon one of the three barges it was towing had broken loose off Point Betsy in northern Lake Michigan about 50 miles southwest of here.
 The cutter returned here after the large barge, loaded with limestone, eventually went aground a mile south of Catheat point near Grand Travese light in the vicinity of Northport. Southwest winds up to 59-60 miles an hour buffeted the barge about the lake making it impossible for the cutter to take it in tow.
 The tug, with the remaining two barges continued on the Frankfort where one of the barges struck the north breakwater and sank at the mouth of the harbor entrance to marine traffic. It is not known where the tug and its tows are from of where they were going.
 This was the second time in tow months the Coast Guard has been called to assist the same tug. Late in August its tow broke away off South Manitou island but at that time the tug was able to get a line to it and take it in two again.
Probe Plane Report
 Coast guard aircraft and the Sundew were called to investigate a report that an airplane was down on the ice of Lake Michigan about five to seven miles from Good Hard Tuesday afternoon, but the mission appeared to be a false alarm.
 Warrant officer James Seidl, Group Commander, set the search in motion after he was informed by the sheriff's department that Harbor springs police reported a plane was seen landing on the ice.
 Seidl notified Ninth Coast Guard District headquarters which ordered the search.
 It was later learned that Highway Department workers near Harbor springs had seen what they thought was the tail section of a plane on the ice. The Sundew was recalled, but the air search continued until sundown.

Grey's Reef Crew Needed Help on Heat
 CHARLEVOIX - The Sundew got the attendants aboard the Grey's Reef light yesterday, couldn't get through the ice to Lansing Shoal light - then got called back to Grey's Reef because the heating system wouldn't work.
 A space heater was taken by truck from Charlevoix to Mackinaw city and put aboard the Sundew and it returned to Grey's Reef with the emergency heater.
 Today, the Sundew plans to take crew to man the station in Lake Huron for the April 1 navigation opening. 

Sundew Home
 CHARLEVOIX - the U.s. Coast guard Cutter Sundew returned here early Tuesday morning after several weeks of refurbishing at Sturgeon bay, wisc.

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