SCOUT emerges dripping with water through the broken ice of
lake Charlevoix. Sunglasses left on seat were not damaged

 An International Scout which plunged through the ice on Lake Charlevoix Saturday was raised by the coast Guard cutter Sundew Monday morning.
 The Scout went through the ice while Willard Drost was cleaning a track for the sport car races scheduled as part of the Winter Carnival.
 Polar bear Club officials contracted 9th Coast Guard headquarters in Cleveland on Sunday night for permission to use the Sundew. Officials said it would be all right, if no other means of retrieving the vehicle were available.
 DROST had attached a chain to the vehicle before it went under in 20 feet of water.
 Diver Don Meggison supervised raising the vessel with the ship's boom and secured heavier chains for lifting the vehicle onto the ship's deck.

 IT TOOK NERVE and a sure
footing for Don Meggison to
secure a Chain to the vehicle

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