By Hiromi Stemmons

May 9th-10th
(1st-2nd day)
This is our 6th trip to Okinawa. We left Fujisawa after Sunday service on May 9th, Mother's day. This year Okinawa is already in the rainy season, but we had fairly good weather while we stayed in the resort area.
We had a little episode about renting a car. We reserved a rental-car from May 9th to 13th. But Our travel agency misarranged it from 13th to 17th. We realized this problem in the airplane. At Naha airport, it took about 1 hour to get a rental car. Then we drove a little over one hour and ate at our favorite Mexican Restaurant, Obbligato. It was after 8PM, and usually we don't think to eat heavy meal such late. But it's very rare to find a good Mexican restaurant in Japan. One of reasons we like Okinawa is this good restaurant.
We arrived our Hotel a little after 9PM. This trip, we decided to stayed at Renaissance Resort, one of the most prestigious hotels in Okinawa, to enjoy snorkel. Our room was upgraded because we reserved with birthday special deal. We stayed the highest floor called Renaissance Floor. The room was spacious, comfortable, and had a wonderful ocean view.
The 1st day we arrived was already late and 2nd day was rain, so we spent most of our time in the Hotel room. This Hotel has so many facility including onsen, hot springs. Breakfast and lunch were included. So we enjoyed almost all our time in the Hotel unlike previous Okinawa trip. Since it was 6th trip, we did not feel to drive around to see the new stuff either.

Room we stayed
From our balcony

Onsen(Hot Springs) Lobby (1st Floor) Lobby (from 11th floor)
In the evening of second day, rain was cleared up. We visited Pastor Toji at his church. We did not stay long since he did not feel well. We promised them to come back for Wednesday night service.
Our rental car (Cube) Pastor & Mrs.Toji Obbligato(Mexican food)

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