May 13th-15th
(5th-7th day)
Good start Beach Walk Captain John
13th was the last day at this resort. We ate breakfast at out side. We saw a bird, blue rock thrush, took some food from the next table. The bird was very careful at the beginning and getting bolder and bolder after several trials. We saw a few sparrows even inside the hotel. I thought this hotel must be like heaven for birds - they got shelter and plenty to eat.
We enjoyed sailing before checking out the hotel. This is the 3rd year we ride Captain Uwayama's boat. We love feeding to Swallow fish. We told Captain Uwayama to come back the next year.
Feeding Swallow Fish Teaching

Beautiful flowers
Hibiscus Tiny wild flower Hibiscus
Pentas & Butterfly Bleeding Heart Vine Orchid

There are many children surprised with Santa Claus showing up in Okinawa.
In the hotel In the airplane

In town, Momo-chan & Ai-chan
We drove down to "Naha" to spend two nights, and returned the car as soon after checking in the hotel. "International street" is the famous shopping are, and most shops are selling the same things at the same price. We walked a lot there.
Big lizard "International street"

14th was the last full day in Okinawa. In spite of rainy weather, we enjoyed the day. We bought one-day ticket of Okinawa monorail, "Ui rail." At first we decided to go to the airport since we received $100 worth coupon for an airport store. Also from the airport, we can ride a free shuttle bus to the outlet mall, "Ashibina." We found a very good store to buy Okinawa shirts, pretty same as Aloha shirts. John bought 3 beautiful shirts.
Tree House Restaurant The most west station in Japan Japanese self-defense army
15th, the last day in Okinawa. We ate the last meal at A&W. In Japan, we can't find any A&W other than Okinawa. We wish airplane serve A&W Root Beer.
We enjoyed another Okinawa trip very much. We hope you enjoyed too. We give all the glory to our Loving Heavenly Father to give us such a nice lives as He promised. We are blessed!!
Airport Aquarium A&W in the airport


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