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We were living in the good times with the normal set of woes.

Far from any trouble or the threats of any foes

When we heard the Holy Calling and the Lord revealed His plan:

Will you go engage a battle in the country of Japan?"

For many years we listened as the Teacher showed us how.

We found ourselves prepared by God for what would happen now.

We know the final outcome ere the battle starts to rage,

For we have the Holy Promises on every bible page.

We feel tension in our bellies as we set ourselves to fight,

And we walk into the valley to engage the prince of night.

It's not our fight! We know it. It belongs to God above.

The shield of faith our buckler, and our strongest weapon, Love.

We will fight for what is perfect, we will fight for what is right.

We will storm the evil forces and disband them with the Light.

We will sing the gospel praises as we swing the Spirit sword

With the mighty angel army and the Promise of the Lord.

Don't look for us to cower and to run when things get tough!

We haven't burned our draft cards! We expect it to be rough!

We want to see the victory; put the devil on the run!

We have the promise of the Lord, and we won't need a gun!

We'll enter into strongholds with the Word's transforming might,

Where captives of the prince of death are waiting for the Light.

We'll sing the gospel praises as we march against the foe.

And there'll be a mighty harvest from the seed that we will sow.

John and Hiromi Stemmons - November 17, 2000 Kiryu, Japan

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