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Day 2, Monday: Aug. 23, 2004

Day 3

The Lilac is a new luxury ship and car ferry. While there is plenty of luxury available, we chose the cheap rooms, since it is only a 16 hour trip. The cheap room is a large open room where about 20 people can catch 40 winks. That works out to 2 winks each. You may be sleeping next to a stranger, but Hiromi's mom (Oka-san) and I have the solution: we snore so loud that all the others left to find quieter places! The ship was not crowded, and we got a whole big room only for our family. When we went back to Niigata, there was only one other person in our room, a motorcycle rider who was going to cruise back to Nagoya area. He left the room about 3 AM, returning only to retrieve his belongings at daybreak.

ライラックはとても豪華なカーフェリーです。沢山豪華な施設がある中、たった16時間の旅なので、一番安いクラス、2級を選びました。2級は約20人くらいがごろ寝できる大きな部屋がいくつもあります。最盛期ならともかく、夏の終わりは人も少ないので、4人で一部屋占拠。 Hiromi の母と私のいびきは他人を寄せ付けません。帰りのフェリーではライダーの叔父さんが一緒の部屋に寝ていましたが、何時の間にか姿を消してしまいました。

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Leaving Niigata Port John currying favor with the Dragon lady Supper in the Ferry

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