Day 2

Day 3, Tuesday: Aug. 24, 2004

Day 4

After a great relaxing and entertaining rider, we arrived in Otaru, Hokkaido, at about 6AM Tuesday. We headed straight for the Shakotan Peninsula. The pictures will explain our really is beyond spectacular.


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Kamui Peninsula
Observation point Hiking trail Blue Ocean
Up and down

Light house

At the end

On the way back we stopped at a great onsen which overlooks Shakotan and the area we had just left. Onsens are uniquely Japanese, and just crawling with culture. They are hot mineral baths and spa utilizing the hot water generated by all the volcanic activity. They are wonderful. I have become an "onsen junkie". Using your imagination will not suffice to experience the onsen…you are probably envisioning something that doesn’t even resemble the experience. At the onsen, you can recover your “wa”. Now you know!

札幌へ向かう前に、日本海と積丹岬と神威岬が一望できる公共の温泉にはいりました。ここへは小樽からのバスもあるようです。温泉は日本のユニークな文化で、とても素晴らしく、私は温泉ジャンキーになりました。実体験がないと、温泉がどんなものかイメージするのは不可能です。温泉では “和”を回復することもできます。わかるかなぁ〜!

Japanicana program in Yoichi Otosan pulling on his pants in the store

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