Day 6

Day 7, Saturday: Aug. 28, 2004

Day 8

We spent Saturday in Wakkanai, and realized that we had run out of time. Since we wanted to attend a church, we would have to drive several hours to find one, then return to the area on Monday so that we could search for …gold. There is only one spirit-filled church around this area. We needed to drive down in the evening as much as possible and continue drive down tomorrow morning to attend the church in Monbetsu. We hit two camping grounds on the way to get a bungalow, but one is full and the other one does not have any. Finally we decided to spend in a onsen hotel in Esashi.


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Rishiri-Fuji in the distance Windmills provide cheap power The most Northern point in Japan
Dutch Windmill
Nosshappu Lighthouse

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