Day 5

Day 6, Friday: Aug. 27, 2004

Day 7

Friday morning, we set out for Wakkanai, Japan’s northernmost city, driving along the eastern coast of the northern peninsula of Hokkaido. It is hard to believe that it is Japan, because there are so few people. It is not crowded! Very agricultural, growing lots of great veggies, and raising lots of cattle. Hokkaido also teems with wildlife, including deer, foxes, (we saw two!) and bears. We saw several windmill farms, generating power from the heavy winds that road across the open seas. Hokkaido’s land is all volcanic, and that means rich, dark sail that produces in abundance. The farms are as immaculate as your maiden aunt’s sitting parlor. Japanese farmers are outstanding in their fields! Actually, most of them are bent over, pulling weeds. There is lots of corn, potatoes, asparagus (yum!), apples and other delicious produce. They do grow broccoli and that to their shame. Smothered in cheese it is still barely edible.

日本海側を北上しながら、最北の町稚内へ向けて出発。 日本には珍しくこの辺には混雑がありません。たくさんの田園や酪農風景が見られます。鹿、キツネ、熊と自然も豊かです。風力発電に利用される風車の群れを幾つか見ました。北の日本海から直に来る風はかなり強いものなんでしょうね。北海道の土は全て火山灰から成っているようで、つまりは肥沃で豊かな収穫をもたらす黒土です。北海道は野菜もくだものもおいしいので有名ですよね。

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Horo Lighthouse
Baby Volcano Rishiri-Fuji at Sunset

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