Day 9

Day 10, Tuesday: Aug. 31, 2004

Day 11

Now we were being relentlessly pursued by a big typhoon. We stayed close to the interior of the peninsula, and due to the rain and the chill in the air, decided to spend our last night on the road in a nice hotel-onsen. It was a Japanese style room, large enough, but no beds, only futons on the floor. But we were comfortable, and ready to go the next morning. With the typhoon hot on our tails we headed back to Sapporo. We had been warned to stay away from the coast highway, because the waves were getting dangerous, so we took the safer route and came to Yoko and Shoitsu’s house in time for a great dinner at a fancy restaurant.
大きな台風が向かっています。雨と寒さを避けるため、昨晩は美深という街の温泉ホテルに泊まりました。和式の大きな部屋でゆったり寝て、今日は札幌目指して帰ります。海岸線は波が荒くて危険だそうなので、内陸の道を走りました。 雨が激しくて、お昼を兼ねて立ち寄った幌加内で、温泉に入り、そばを食べた他には何も出来ませんでした。 ここは、そばの生産が日本一だそうで、おそばはとても美味しかったです。そばアイスなるものも試しに食べてみましたが、これはあまり勧めません。札幌に着く頃には台風も去って、厚い雨雲の間に少し青空も見え始めました。

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Corn Ice cream Typhoon passes through Hokkaido
Cute Bus Stop

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