2011 Virtual Vacation
- Japan Railway, Full Moon Pass -

- Day 1, Oct.3rd, Mon. -
 We caught the bus near our house before 6AM. Hiromi then gave me the bad news… our beloved little Dumbo had died on the way to the train station. With no time to grieve, we decided to transport the body to Wakkanai, to be buried in Hokkaido where we buried another great little parakeet whose name was bestowed by the famous raconteur, James Edmund Hickerson. The name, shorten for practicality: Yum Yum. Full name available upon request. So we caught our train to Tokyo, where we transferred to a Shinkansan, or "bullet train". They go about 160 MPH and it is truly like flying low…everything is just a blur.

早朝藤沢を出て東京に向かう。6:23藤沢発の東海道線でグリーンなら楽勝に座席を確保できると思ったら、考えが甘い。すでにホームには長い列。"もうラッシュの時間なの!?" 東京までは離れ離れでも座れればいいや、と思っていたのに、大船から隣同士に席が空いて、そこからはすべて計画通り、順調な滑り出し。
Inset Map
 Arriving in Hachinohe before lunchtime, we were met by Pastor Armand Jalbert and his wife, Naoko. They took us to a beautiful lunch and a tour of the area, which was included in the area affected by the tsunamis. Very little has not been put back in perfect order, although Armand told me that the area to the south of us was much worse, with people still living in makeshift housing. We were glad to see people going about their business. We had never met Pastor Jalbert & Naoko, but we were delighted to find such a great couple…looking forward to a long and lasting friendship.
lunch at Sea gull view Hotel
Pastor Jalbert & Naoko-san
八戸駅の改札では、ジャルバート牧師と奥様のナオコさんが出迎えしてくれました。ナオコ夫人はバプテストの婦人集会の準備で忙しいにも関わらず、時間を割いて下さって、本当に感謝です! お二人に実際に会うのは初めてですが、主にあってとても楽しい時を持ちました。八戸に着いた時に降っていた雨も食事の時にはお天気に変わり、美しい海はさらに青みをまして輝いていました。南部せんべいを割ってお鍋で料理しながら食べる"せんべい汁定食"をいただきました。地方色豊かで、とっても美味しかったです。

Shirahama Beach
With Naoko-san
We had to run to catch our train to Aomori. and made it by the skin of our teeth. We went to Oowani Onsen before we ride a sleeping car. We slept well and arrived in Sapporo just about 6AM. McDonald's was open for breakfast, so we ate and marked a little time until our train to Wakkanai was ready. Five more hours and we were in the northernmost city in Japan, just across from Sakhalin, Russia. More later.…
食事の後には八戸駅で全速力で走る運動もして…列車に間に合った! 絶対に無理なはずなのに、走った甲斐があった! これも神様にありがとうでした。おかげでゆっくり大鰐温泉で温まることができました。
Around Aomori Station
Limited Express "Tsugaru"
Big pink alligator
Elderly couple
I'm sleepy!
Bottom bed
Top bed and a ladder

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