2011 Virtual Vacation
- Japan Railway, Full Moon Pass -

@We wanted a longer vacation this time, and decided to use 12days "Full Moon Pass." We can use almost all "First class" Japan Railway trains for 12 consecutive days with this pass. There are some restrictions. We will explain details as we go.
@The last time we used this pass was 2007. Since then, at least 5 sleeping trains were discontinued. We loved riding those sleeping trains, and at the same time we could eliminate hotel fees. Now the pass is not as useful as it was. It's too bad. This may be the last time we use this pass.

Travel Plan

Day 1 Oct. 3 Lunch With Pastor Jalbert, Onsen, bound to Hokkaido
Day 2 Oct. 4 Arrive at Wakkanai, the Most Northern Town
Day 3 Oct. 5 Drive along Sea of Okhotsk
Day 4 Oct. 6 From Wakkanai to Urahoro, Meeting Pastor Lee
Day 5 Oct. 7 From Urahoro to Kohriyama
Day 6 Oct. 8 Lunch & Short Bible Class with Yumiko-san at Kitakata
Day 7 Oct. 9 Amazing Grace Bible Church & Sleeping car
Day 8 Oct.10 Round trip to Kyushu, Onsen at Sakura-jima Island
Day 9 Oct.11 Meeting with Pastor Phil & Betty at Kani City
Day10 Oct.12 Round trip to Hokkaido - Finally Compartment
Day11 Oct.13 Kiryu, Meeting with Gokan-san
Day12 Oct.14 Short visit to Shikoku & Meeting with Pastor Neal
Final Special Highlight