2011 Virtual Vacation
- Japan Railway, Full Moon Pass -

- Day 2, Oct.4th, Tue. -
Bound to Hokkaido. Sleeping car From Aomori to Sapporo. Limited express "Soya" from Sapporo to Wakkanai.
Inset Map of Hokkaido

Hiromi and I rented a couple of bicycles explored Wakkanai. We rode for about 12-15 miles on a supposed mission to find a shirt for me, since I had not used good sense in packing for the trip. Wakkanai is pretty far north and is home for a rather large fishing industry. Hundreds of fishing boats line the piers. There are so many Russians here that the street signs are printed in Japanese, English…and Russian. I know this is not really P/C, but I felt that many of them looked suspicious…
"Soya" Attendant, Kazama-san
Japan Coast Guard Ship

We got a nice room on the tenth floor of a very modern hotel, and, after a meal at "Victoria" restaurant, (which is part of the American "Big Boy" chain), we settled in for the night. Tomorrow we will rent a car and head East to Lake Kuccharo, near the sea of Okhotsk
ホテルは、10階に部屋を用意してもらって、眺めは抜群。 残念なから今回は樺太は見えなかったけど、お部屋は広々、ネットも使えて、また稚内に来た時は全日空ホテルにしようっと。

ANA Hotel
View from our room

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