2011 Virtual Vacation
- Japan Railway, Full Moon Pass -

- Day 5, Oct.7th, Fri.-
All Day in the Train. From Urahoro to Kohriyama
浦幌、南千歳、函館、新青森、仙台、郡山 : 移動の一日
Thirteen hours on the trains today, but it was most enjoyable, with great service and a great way to see the country.
Waiting for the train
Limited Express Super Aozora
We returned to Honshiu through a 33 mile tunnel under the ocean. We will use that tunnel four times on this vacation. If you want to know more about this tunnel, click "Seikan tunnel."

Our final destination today is Kohriyama, in the Fukushima area. We may get one of those midnight sun tans from the radiation! After a good night's rest at the Comfort Inn, we will have a Bible class tomorrow with Yumiko-san, who was born-again at our house a couple of years ago.

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