2011 Virtual Vacation
- Japan Railway, Full Moon Pass -

- Day 12, Oct.14th, Friday.-
Final day. Meeting with Neal at Osaka. Short visit at Okayama
Friday morning, the last day of our Virtual Vacation of Japan.
We abandoned our plan to visit Akita, because we would have had to take another "Night of the Living Dead" sleeper cars. Instead, we went back home to Fujisawa, and slept in our own futon!

Inset Map:Okayama -Osaka
We awoke early and rode our bikes to Fujisawa Honmachi station. After parking the bikes, we took the train to Fujisawa station and caught the express train to Odawara, transferring to a 160MPH Shinkansan headed to Oosaka.
Views from 35Fl. Oosaka Hilton Hotel
We met our great friend, Neil Verwey there. Neil, originally from South Africa, has been a missionary in Japan for almost 60 years! He treated us to a sumptuous repast on the 35th floor of the Hilton Hotel in Oosaka. It was great to hear about his life in Japan and his ministry which has extended to three generations of Verweys, and is expected to go into the fourth generation soon. Neil is a great man of God!

With Pastor Neal
Good smile
Only one more item on out list and that is to go to Okayama to buy kibidangos! Boarding another Shinkansan bullet train we made the trip in about 45 minutes, and found our little treats in short order. Now the vacation is complete…all that remains is to return to Fujisawa. Bible classes resume tomorrow morning and our Virtual vacation will join our other pleasant memories of life in Japan. Where will we go next? Time will tell, but the China train is looking good!
Kibidango package
Millet dumplings

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