Japan Virtual Vacation 2007



2nd day Oct.1st

We arrived in Tomakomai and got a train and a bus to Noboribetsu, a famous tourist spot. It is in a very volcanic region and we got some good pictures of Hell's Valley, where volcanic steam is continually spewing out of the ground and the place looks like nuclear winter has arrived. (See pictures)

We also saw a statue of the "god" who bashes you in the head if you don't please him. He looked pretty angry, so I guess no one has pleased him lately. We took the obligatory tour of the shopping district where tourists are routinely relieved of ghastly sums of money earned during the non-vacation times of the year. We also saw the "god" who is the one who pulls out your tongue in hell if you have told any lies. He did not look like he had ever heard of mercy. I felt that it smacked of really bad theology, since Satan is a liar and would therefore probably reward those who lied, but I'm on vacation, so quickly ended that line of thought and continued to buy stuff.

We had a great Japanese style dinner, with fish, steak, sashimi (raw fish), and assorted bait of all kinds. The house graciously provided us with a glass of wine with which to wash it all down. The highlight of Noboribetsu is the onsen and we went to a great one after dinner. It was pretty new, and had about twenty pools on the men's side and, I suppose, a like amount on the ladies' side. Retiring to the room, we settled down to watch a DVD on the computer and catch a few zzz's before heading to Sapporo tomorrow.

魚とステーキと刺身といったおいしい夕食を食べて、ハイライトは温泉。 いくつもの浴槽で色んな種類の温泉が楽しめる第一滝本ホテル。明日は札幌へ無料バスで送ってもらいます。
Bash head Pull tongue

Today's travel distance:311.5mile=498km

(Train:40.5km Car:7.5km Ferry:450km)

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