Japan Virtual Vacation 2007



4th day Oct.3rd
We spent the day at Christ for the Nations Japan(CFNJ) Bible School, visiting with Diane Gyurko. She and her husband Charles have been missionaries in Japan for more than 25 years. The school is surprisingly large…three buildings, with apartments for students and lots of meeting and teaching rooms as well as rooms for seminars. They have about 16 teachers! It is very much like the vision we have for our bible school in Fujisawa.

We just arrived at Yoko's (Hiromi's sister) house, and are preparing for the evening's festivities as soon as her husband, Shoitsu-san, arrives home from work. The kids are now grown and Yoko has returned to work recently after many years of motherhood. She is a nurse. More coming…tomorrow.  

Student from Kyushu  Dianne Gyurko at CFNJ 

Flowers are beautiful

Hiromi with Yoko & Shoitsu

Today's travel distance:13mile=21km

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