Trip 5th day
September 25th
Hanakoshimizu - Shari - Notsuke peninsula - Nemuro(Purple line)

We woke up about 5 AM. It was not fine day, but we wanted to take sunrise picture since this is East coast of Hokkaido. We decided to walk to beach which is right next to the wall in the parking lot. But so many places said "You can't go through this opening."

We had to go around the information building then we found this cute little station, Hanakoshimizu. Last night, we saw a one car train went through the railway. But we did not know there was a station like this so close.
A tiny train station
When we pass the station there are side walks to enjoy wild flowers. We could see beautiful Sunrise while we were walking there. We went down to the beach and saw lots of starfishes and shells. This is right middle of Abashiri Quasi National park.
Sunrise at Okhotsk beach
We drove to Shari town which is at the foot of Shiretoko peninsula. We took Onsen. It was old and cheap.
After Shari town, we drove through mountain area. It was rainy and kind of dark. But we saw many beautiful scenes like this.
White birch trees
There was the Salmon museum. We did not go in, but we saw literally hundreds of salmon coming up to the river in the museum property. We wished we brought our camera.

Then we drove Notsuke cape. It's a very narrow cape. my guess is that most of the cape is less than 1mile wide.
Lighthouse with abandoned boat

We played at the beach, went to see the light house and saw many wild flowers. Here are some pictures we took at Notsuke Cape.
Bluebell Japanese Cranes
A fishing village The attack of starfish

From this observation, you can see Northern islands taken by Russia. The pole represents 4 main taken islands and a elderly lady and two boys were shouting to the pole to come back to Japan. People who use to live those islands really want them to come back, but the problem is this issue was forgotten for most Japanese. Then we drove to Nemuro. We passed Nemuro City and went to the end of Nemuro Peninsula which is the East point of main soil of Japan. we have visited the most Northern point and Eastern point. Now we need to go to the most western point and southern point.
We saw Street signs in Russian. There are many Russians living in this area.
Give us back our islands
Russian Street sign
When we saw this Tower, we thought it was a great big light house. But this is one of governmental idea of peace. It must be able to see the taken islands very well, but it was already dark, so we did not go up.
Peace Tower at Nemuro Peninsula
This is the most Eastern point in Japanese main soil. Then there should be the real most Eastern point somewhere else. I will let you know when I find it.
We went back to Nemuro City to get something eat. We ate merry-go-round style sushi restaurant.
Then we went to a Road Station to sleep. There were a few other cars like us.
The most Eastern point

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