By John and Hiromi Stemmons

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In the year of 2003, we had a late summer vacation to Hokkaido!!
We drove 2,491.3Km and rode a ferry between Niigata and Otaru (1,408km round trip). Totally we moved around 3,900km (2,437miles) in Northern half of Japan. We had such a exciting adventure filled with new experiences and happenings. Please enjoy this trip with us.

This is Hokkaido.
Islands you can see in the blue circle originally belonged to Japan, but after WW2, when Japan lost their armed forces, Russia took them.
The closest island is less than 2.5 miles from the most eastern point we visited this time.

Enjoy our log and pictures for each day. Just click the date or place you like. Don't forget to read our Mystery too.

1st 9/21 Fujisawa - Niigata - Ferry
2nd 9/22 Otaru - Shakotan peninsula - Sapporo
3rd 9/23 Sapporo - Asahikawa - Engaru
4th 9/24 Engaru - Yubetsu - Saroma lake - Abashiri - Hanakoshimizu
5th 9/25 Hanakoshimizu - Shari - Notsuke peninsula - Nemuro
6th 9/26 Nemuro - Kushiro - Ikeda - Obihiro
7th 9/27 Obihiro - Karikachi pass - Furano - Hamamasu - Sapporo
8th 9/28 Sapporo - Otaru - Ferry
9th 9/29 Niigata - Minakami Hot Springs - Fujisawa
Special Orient Ferry Mystery

Originally we wanted to go to Hokkaido, but we could not afford it.
We thought "Well, it's just another vacation, and we will have another chance to go to Hokkaido. Maybe God want us to go somewhere else this year instead Hokkaido." We want to be where God wants us to be. We made other trip plans like to Izu islands, or to Takayama beach near Sendai City, and so on. But We could not decide and still had desire to Hokkaido.
God knew our desire and provided barely enough funds first, so we decided to go to Hokkaido. Once we stood in faith and asked God to provide good funds to enjoy this trip, He poured us much more than we expected from many unexpected sources. Our God is always faithful and good to us.
We present this page in His honor. He was always in the middle of us and show Himself wherever we went.

We thank those prayed for our protection in the middle of big earthquake.

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