Trip 8th day
September 28th
Sapporo - Otaru - Ferry

We woke up about 5AM to say good bye to my sister, Yoko. She works at a hotel near ocean and has to leave home at 5:30AM everyday. We decided to look around Otaru before the Ferry starts, so we left her house around 6AM, before the traffic starts.

We arrived at Ferry terminal. We saw lots of Japanese self defense army people there. When I changed ferry reservation, I was told the 2nd class tickets were sold out. It turned out those self defense army was in the same ship. I wonder why they have to use a civilian ship? Don't they have their own ship?
McDonald's with Russian signs We searched for McDonald's in Otaru too. We drove around and finally found one, But this one did not open till 9AM and do not have breakfast menu.
In Hokkaido, we had no luck about McDonald's.
Otaru is a very popular sight- -seeing town. They turned the port area to sightseeing spot. There are many warehouse turned into the restaurant or shopping mall.
Otaru Rickshaw
We went back to the Ferry and left Otaru at 10:30AM. The ferry coming to Hokkaido was noisy because of crying and screaming kids. John wanted to spank each everyone. This time, we did not see any kids. But we found young solders playing in the kids play room having lots of fun and making lots of noise.
Japanese Coast Guard
The ferry was moving fairly close to the land. I thought we might be able to see Kamui cape where we walked around. There it is! Remember there were two foxes at the end of the cape and one in the parking lot. I told you to remember!
Iinteresting things happened in the ship are on the Mystery page after 9th day's log.
Kamui cape Lighthouse

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