Orient Ferry Mystery
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We decided to wait at the out side to take a picture of the suspicious looking guy. John did not bring his secret camera with him. It was hard to take the guy's picture secretly with our big digital camera. This is a picture John took while the guy was eating. The guy wearing a black shirt with sun-gasses was his body guard. under these circumstances, this is the best picture we could take.
We waited the man coming out the restaurant. How about this ? Isn't it beauty. We thought we took a perfect shot, but he is still hiding his face. He is the pro! This will be the hardest case we took. Now the next shot we need to take was the scene exchanging secret with money. What should we do. We could not keep following him. Sooner or later he would realize us since he is the pro. We were discussing our strategy at the supper table. Then Megu who was actually Natasha showed up. She did not actually showed up. She was secretly watching us. Look!

Two spies in one ship?! She was watching us for a while, but we kept talking about the guy and pretended we did not realize her. She was gone in a short while. She knew that we are not just ordinary tourists. John went down to seek any more actions. Then he found the guy sitting in a lobby. He must be waiting patiently for his contact. How about Natasha? What was she doing now? We were not sure why she was watching us. But soon we got answer.
We were at the right moment when Natasha was kidnapping Keiko.
Keiko was doing her best to trying to escape from Natasha. Apparently Natasha was trained as a spy. They were about the same size, but Natasha was much stronger. Keiko was caught and taken by her. Of course we followed her. Good! Their room was right next to ours. We had good chance to help Keiko.
But now they were in the room. We had to wait until Natasha would go somewhere. Or we had to think about some reasons to let Natasha out of the room, so that we can rescue Keiko. But now we should go to check the guy who was in the lobby.
When we went down to the lobby, the guy surprised us. Look!, he was sleeping in the lobby! What the boldness he got. Was that because he had so much experience?! Since he was sleeping, we thought his contact did not show up for a while. We went back to our room and tried to listen what was going on at the next room.
We could not hear anything. Was the wall so thick to hear anything? But finally I heard something like crying - sobbing. That must be Keiko crying! The chance were she was alone in the room right now.
So we decided to pretend to ask them if they have extra tooth brush? We knocked the door, but nobody answered. Yes, Keiko was alone as we thought! We turned the knob, and it was unlocked!! Great! Keiko was so afraid when we found her.

Look her happy face. What a relief! She was rescued ! We kept her in a safe place.
We solved one case, but still we have the other case we need to work.
Again we went down to the lobby to see if anything different happened.

The guy was still sleeping. I told John "Do you still think that they are going to have contact tonight?" John observed him so well. He was not deceived. He told me "Observe him very well." I could not tell anything wrong with him. John continued "Can't you realize that he got something under the blanket. He must got money already. We were too late."
As soon as John said that, somebody tapped our shoulders. We looked back and saw this nice young boy wearing Phillips 66 cap.
He said, "I know what you were doing, but do not worry. I'm a FBI agent, and we got all the evidence to arrest that North Korean Spy. " Wow! John told him that we have Keiko in our room, and she was almost kidnapped by the lady "Megu. " Then the FBI agent said
"I thank you so much. Her name was not Megu, but real name was Natasha. We were also chasing her."

And he continued, "I was not sure if I could handle both cases, but because of your help now we had solved two bad criminals. Thank you." He was already arrested Natasha at that time. She was sorry.

Well that was the end of the mystery. What an adventure we had. Hope you enjoyed the mystery.

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