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Attention please, ladies and gentlemen. We are about to start our trip to Hokkaido, one of the kkoolest places in Japan. Before beginning this trip, we would like to give you an overview of our plans. Remember this is not a ordinary trip, it's an adventure! So, we may change the plans at any time! Expect unexpected things to happen! Enjoy your trip with us. Thank you for choosing John & Hiromi's Virtual Vacation to Hokkaido!

We have a steward to be with you all through this trip.His name is Billy "Birdbrain" Bojangles Blue-jacket. I think you can guess who gave him THAT name! If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate, just ask Billy. He will take care of them.

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This is Billy Bird BrainBojangles Blue-Jacket, our steward for the virtual Vacation. He is a baby parakeet cant fly yet. But he will grow soon since he eats & sleeps well. Ask him any questions you have.


Virtual Vacation Trip plan

1st day Aug.27th
Left Fujisawa to Kiryu, Hiromi's hometown. About a 5-hour-drive.

2nd day Aug.28th
Attended Kiryu English Club meeting at night. John hosted the program. Then left for Niigata

3rd day Aug.29th
Arrived Niigata early morning and left there via 10:30AM Ferry to Otaru, Hokkaido

4th day Aug.30th
Arriveded Otaru at 4:10AM. Were you sleepy? Drived to Yoko's house, (Hiromi's Sister), near Sapporo, Hokkaido's largest city. Sapporo was designed by Dr. Clark, an American!

5th day Aug.31st
Met Mr. & Mrs. Gyurko, 22-year- missionary with Christ for the Nations at Sapporo

6th day Sep. 1st
Left Sapporo, Eastbound. Stayed at Asahikawa, 2nd largest city in Hokkaido

7th day Sep. 2nd
Arrived Shiretoko peninsula, East side of Japan, on the Sea of Okhotsk.

8th day Sep. 3rd
Returning westbaound.

9th day Sep. 4th

Arrived at Furano, a famous ski & sightseeing spot located at the center of Hokkaido

10th day Sep. 5th
Rode ferry from Tomakomai, Hokkaido Island to Hachinohe Aomori prefecture in Hounshu, Main Island of Japan

11th day Sep. 6th
Arrived Kuji, Iwate prefecure from Hachinohe, Aomori. Uncle Andy said we might find some amber here. Leave for Sendai area.

12th day Sep. 7th
Headed south to go back home. We went through Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaragi, Chiba, Tokyo,& Kanagawa prefectures .

13th day Sep. 8th
Arrived back home in Fujisawa at 1AM on September 8th.



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