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Day 6 - September 1st, 2001
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As our good friend Steve Alley pointed out, no one but me knew what I meant by "slow loader"!  My cousin, Carol was also not sure what I was trying to say. As a result, our e-mail dropped to almost zero! While I thank all of you for your intended cooperation, I sure don't want to lose all those great e-mails...we just love hearing from our friends! Please just disregard the"slow-loader" e-mail that I sent, and continue to communicate with us. Send us whatever you want, I will deal with it! Send anything you want to: Replies sent out twice a day.

The good news is that a man at the "Yellow Hat" store, which is like "Auto Zone" in America, showed me why our converter wasn't working. now it IS working and we can use either e-mail address from the car! This will save lots of energy,because hiromi has been getting up at 4:30AM and working three hours to upload the pix! Oh, the things we are learning....So I'm not a rocket scientist...just a strange former apartment locator fromTulsa, Oklahoma, trying to learn how to be a missionary in a strange land! Mea culpa, mea culpa..

We really enjoyed our visit with Yoko and her family. She took us to lunch today at the "Salmon Factory".Now there's a theme restaurant you don't often see! I had two gigantic raw oysters, with some kind of sour sauce, tempura, and raw salmon with rice. Then we washed it down with some Hokkaido ice cream. Makes Ben and Jerry's pale by comparison!

Yoko, at the dining table

Shouitsu & Miyuki, their doughter with Kota,their dog

Hokkaido farm, just outside of Sapporo

Mt.Teine Yama, purple mountain majesty

On the way to Asahikawa

We drove about three hours headed East out of Sapporo. We are spending the night in Asahikawa, which means something like "Sunrise River". I think it is the second largest city on Hokkaido, so we are getting everything ready for the "plunge" into the interior of Hokkaido, tomorrow. Shiretoko Peninsula, here we come. Look out, bears!

Small town

Beautiful River

Asahikawa City,around the Hotel

Looks a little like ORU's hands

Street in front of the Hotel

Now, about Yum-Yum: this chick parakeet has matured in only four days! He has an unusual personality, which works out great for us!  For some reason, he screams like crazy when we feed him. We feed him seed that has been soaked in warm water. He also loves to squeeze into tight places, and hide.  He has developed so fast that we think clipping his wings is now called for, and I will attempt that, soon. Do you have to cut off the whole wing? Well, we'll figure it out as we go. The main thing is, Hiromi is happy as a clam! And if Hiromi is happy, well....everyone is happy!The scenery is getting better and better...take a look at: If any ofthe pictures don't load the first time, hit "refresh" on your tool bar. They will all load!  

Love, John, Hiromi, and Yum-yum  (Send us some e-mail!)


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