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Day 5 - August 31st, 2001
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Otaru/Sapporo, Japan, on the Island of Hokkaido. We still want your pictures and bio-sketches! And we covet your e-mails and look forward to them each day. We will try to answer all. This vacation is much better because of all of you coming with us! Thanks for signing up!

Exploring in Sapporo

We caught up on sleep, had a wonderful breakfast of what I would call gcrab au gratinh, although experience has taught that sometimes youfre better off just not knowing all the details. But it was great, and after a trip to the ofuro, we were ready to take on the day. We walked for about 1/2 mile and then caught the bus to downtown Sapporo. We walked around looking for a post office until time for lunch. McDonaldfs. Identical to Identical to EVERY McDonaldfs. We were desperate! Anyway, at least I knew what I was eating. Americafs McDonaldfs.
We deserved a break
Rare sight in Japan
School kids in Ohdori Park, mountains in background

We found a mall that was seven city blocks long! Tanuki Kouji is the name of the mall...(hope that helps you). We had a great time looking around and getting rested up
Jet-Black Watermelon,Densuke
Visible menu

.At about 2:30pm we started looking for the office of Rev. Charles and Diane Gyurko. They live in Dallas, but have been missionaries in Sapporo for 15 years. We had a great visit, and a time of prayer. We hope to cross paths with them again.
Charles and Diane Gyurko of Christ forthe Nations

At Yoko's house

7yr old Haruka- chan

Yoko's husband Shouitsu san
Shouitsu & Yoko's home
We are grateful to Pastor David Emigh from Sand Springs, Oklahoma, for sending the magazine article about the Gyurkos that lead to this meeting. Headed home on the bus, and had a great dinner of STEAK! Yoko surprised me with this rare treat, and it was tasty! A little Hokkaido ice cream and we were ready for some light conversation and early bedtime. Tomorrow, we begin our trek across Hokkaido, headed for the Shiretoko Peninsula.Check out the dayfs pictures on the website:
Love, John and Hiromi (and Yum-Yum!)

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