After days of sifting through many wonderful suggestions from all over the planet, we have settled on a name for our new little bird. The winning entry came from my old friend Jim Hickerson, originally from Tulsa, now living in Georgia. Now everyone will know where I got my twisted sense of humor...it was from Jim! Jim says that this name is guaranteed to keep the cats away. (As you remember, Billy Bojangles, our last parakeet, was sadly eaten by a shrine cat, back in Fujisawa. This was a disaster of Titanic proportions to Hiromi and I). No cat will want to mess with our little budgie after it hears its new name. Here is the winning name as it will appear on the birth certificate:   Yum-Yum Eat-em-up Pterodactyl Attack Parakeet of Fear   We will call him, "Yum-yum". Love, John and Hiromi, (proud parents)

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