2011 Virtual Vacation
- Japan Railway, Full Moon Pass -

- Day 9, Oct.11th, Tue.-
Meeting with Phil & Betty Towler. Back to Tokyo to ride a fancy Sleeping car "Hokutosei"
We left Kagoshima on Tuesday afternoon, and traveled by Shinkansan through Hiroshima to all the way to Osaka where we got another sleeping car, which was like a bad movie. "Buried alive"? "Asleep among the dead"? I was awake from 3AM until we left that rolling slum at about 6:30AM.
Police Orchestra @ Nagano station
Conductors on the Limited express
two Buddhism monks
With Phil & Betty Towler
To make our connections work, Hiromi had plotted a route through Nagano where the Winter Olympics were held back in 1998, and leaving Nagano we hurried toward Kani city, where we met with fellow missionaries from Tulsa, Phil & Betty Towler. They were wonderful hosts. Betty prepared a feast and we had a great time of fellowship, Back on the train to Nagoya to get another bullet train, this time to Tokyo, where we made a really cool move. Hiromi booked us on a train from Tokyo to Ueno, only a six minute trip, but from Ueno we were able o grab a sleeping COMPARTMENT, which was the best rest I have had since Saturday night in Fujisawa! The compartments are compact, but comfortable. We were also able to watch a full length movie (Robin Hood with Russell Crowe) in the lounge car. They had a dining car on this train, but we elected to eat another prepared dinner, alone in our little compartment. Very romantic!
Beautiful Dining Room

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