Trip 7th day
September 27th
Obihiro - Karikachi pass - Furano - Hamamasu - Sapporo (Pink line)

We got onsen, Hot spring bath, in the morning before we left the Hotel. It was worth to delay our schedule. The Hotel was old but clean and comfortable. And the people were nice too.
We had to go through Furano to go back to Sapporo. We spent one night at Furano in 2 years ago. It's very famous for beautiful sceneries. The route after Furano, I had some choices and undecided until we reached Furano.

From the Kawakita Hot Spring Hotel flower bed
Almost perfect dahlia Flower and a bee
Again, it was kind of a rainy and dark day. But Hokkaido is still beautiful.
Hokkaido Farm
Our car worked hard to go over the Karikachi pass. This is the top of the pass. John finally found an Ainu Friend to be in the picture with him.
John with Ainu Friend
At last we found a bear! We wished it were alive.
Hand-carved bear is a typical Hokkaido souvenir. Of course souvenir bears are much smaller than this.
We saw canned bear meat, walrus meat, and deer meat for sale. John said "Walrus meat taste like possum."
Hiromi being eaten alive!
Mountain Color had already started in Hokkaido. We enjoyed many beautiful colors, but it's hard to express by the pictures.
Autumn Red tree
We went through Furano. I decided the route to go through Takikawa to Hamamasu where we can see the beautiful coast line.
This castle is fake. Hokkaido history is too new to have this kind of castle.
A castle in Akabira
We passed Takikawa and bounded to Hamamasu. Takikawa is the place where we got the bad report about our car. It's still running as we believed.
Mountain Road to Hamamasu It was getting dark, and everybody was in a hurry to go back home. This coast line is one lane and does not allow to pass the car in front. We could not enjoy the view because cars kept coming behind and bother us with extremely high speed. I don't remember how many times I stopped and let the cars behind pass us.
We went back to Yoko's house and enjoyed the last Hokkaido night.
Going back to Sapporo from North

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